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Adam Feller

Libertarian Party Candidate

Born in Austin, Texas, I grew up in a conservative household and spent a good deal of my formative years working on my grandfather’s farm in the Texas Hill Country. As I worked beside him and my father, bailing hay, tending livestock, and building fences, I learned determination and a work ethic that has served me well. I learned that no matter how long the fence will be, you have to start with the first post hole.

I moved to Utah with my family in 2014. Having never set foot in Utah before, it was a scary prospect. Away from family and lifelong friends, my wife, Laura, and I needed to rebuild a community for ourselves. It did not take long; we made fast friends and simply fell in love with Utah.

It is because of my love for the community that I decided to run for office. I never held political ambition – to be honest, I do not trust career politicians and have no desire to become one of them. But as much as I love this state and its people, there are opportunities to improve.

I believe the best solution for most problems is ending government meddling and allowing a free people to discover the most valuable ways to help and serve each other’s needs.

Libertarian principles have made America and Utah stronger throughout history.

Libertarian principles offer the best promise for a more peaceful and prosperous society for future generations.

Giving Utahns the chance to vote for these principles is the first post hole of a very long fence.

Adam Feller